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Leading Brisbane Building and Construction Law Firm.  Specialising in Building Disputes | All QBCC Matters | Defective Building Work Claims | QCAT Building Disputes | NCAT Building Disputes | Building Hearings in the Courts.

Our goal is to help you achieve a fair, practical, and commercially sensible outcome whilst minimising the emotional and financial toll of Building Disputes.


We are very experienced Brisbane Building Lawyers focusing on successfully resolving building disputes. 

We are experts in providing practical, sensible,  specialist building legal advice to strengthen your position from the earliest possible time.

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Defective building work is a common issue and often the cost to fix the defective work can be high. In fact much more than the original cost of the defective building work.

This is particularly relevant to issues with slabs, frames and waterproofed or tiled areas. We routinely represent our clients in these types of matters.

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We are Brisbane Building Solicitors that can legally represent you in QCAT building disputes in Brisbane or throughout Queensland or NCAT Home Building matters in New South Wales.

We regularly appear for our Brisbane Building and Construction clients in both the QCAT Building Tribunal and in Home Building matters in NCAT.

Although the QCAT and NCAT Tribunals are in separate states their practices and procedures are similar.

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For over a decade we have been one of a very few Brisbane Law Firms that have specialised in representing our building and construction clients against the QBCC (formerly QBSA).

We have acted for Brisbane clients in QBCC Reviews about directions to rectify defective work, QBCC license issues, QBCC Audits and QBCC Statutory Insurance claims.

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The people we help are:

  • Builders.
  • Sub-contractors.
  • Home owners.
  • Body Corporate Committees.

Building Solicitor Bisbane

Types of Brisbane Building & Construction Legal Advice we offer:

  • All Body Corporate Building and Construction legal advice and legal representation.
  • Building Dispute legal advice and legal representation.
  • Defective Building Work legal advice.
  • Building Contract legal advice.
  • Legal representation at, and assistance with preparation for the QBCC Early Dispute Resolution process.
  • QCAT Building Dispute Legal Representation.
  • NCAT Building Dispute Legal Representation.
  • Magistrates Court, District Court and Supreme Court Legal Representation for all Building and Construction matters.
  • QBCC Licensing.
  • QBCC Audits.
  • QBCC Directions to rectify defective building work.
  • QBCC Fit and Proper Person Reviews.
  • QBCC Internal Review Building Lawyers.
  • QBCC QCAT External Review Building Lawyers.
  • Building Solicitor Brisbane